About us



The Académie Sportive pour le Développement et l’Intégration des Jeunes (ASDIJ) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young boys and girls from the first year of primary school through to adulthood. It enables them to achieve their full potential, both in terms of their sporting career and their academic and social development.

The Academy is deploying a three-pronged project, each of which targets a crucial pillar in the development of young people:
✓ School: Supporting and promoting students’ educational success.
✓ Sports: Training, through collective play.
✓ Social: Promoting social fulfillment, integration and educational support


The aim is to instill the right habits in terms of lifestyle, physical activity, nutrition and hydration.

The Health and Prevention program is based on the demands of sporting activities and the source of motivation they represent for young people, to teach them the right habits in terms of lifestyle, nutrition, hydration and so on.

Among the actions deployed in this program are :
✓ Individualized monitoring of hydration, nutrition and sleep for each academician
✓ A health and injury prevention protocol
✓ A partnership with an osteopathy school and the services of a referral doctor


Objective To support student-athletes in building their career path, independently of the objectives of their playing career alone.

As part of this program, the Académie supports its students in building their career paths. It makes them aware of the realities of the business world and the job market. Particular emphasis is placed on different sports-related professional experiences and training (educator, referee, journalism, etc.).

Diversification of career paths available to academics.
✓ Setting up a program to raise awareness of careers in sport.
Systematic follow-up of the “Soccer Coach Certificate” training by all academicians of age to integrate it, and follow-up for volunteers of the Young Referee training.
✓ Tailor-made help for choosing your university, Cegeps.


As far as we are concerned, educational success is broken down into four areas:
✓ Self-esteem and self-confidence as personal assets are essential to building a positive personal trajectory ;
✓ The ability to live in society, to enter into relationships with others, respecting others and oneself ;
✓ The acquisition of educational and professional integration skills ;
✓ The implementation of a personal project based on the mobilization of all one’s resources


Objective: to promote girls’ access to sporting activities.
This objective is in line with the philosophy of diversity in the broadest sense of the term, which is one of the founding principles of the Académie Sportive pour Développement et l’Intégration des Jeunes.


The aim is to encourage everyone to take up sport and build their own personal projects.
The Académie Sportive pour Développement et Intégration des Jeunes aims to encourage access to sport for all, including young people experiencing social, educational or family difficulties.
As part of this program to support the most disadvantaged, the Academy benefits from the support of various partners, to enable academicians to train in the best possible conditions.

Our vision

By 2025, ASDIJ aims to offer educational enrichment and workforce development opportunities to at least 300 middle and high school students. ASDIJ aims to offer customized training and career guidance programs, as well as tutoring, to over 5,000 high school students.
Finally, ASDIJ aims to facilitate dialogue and discovery through sporting events and other intercultural exchange programs for over 50,000 children and families.